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Enhancing the understanding of retinal detachment

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Genetic causes Prevention Repair

The Vitreoretinal Research Group at Cambridge University was established in 1993 to investigate and understand more clearly the causes, prevention and repair of retinal detachment.

Our research over the last 29 years has been directed at investigating the genetic risk factors for retinal detachment, particularly in children where retinal detachment can be so devastating in terms of life-long visual loss. 

Genetic testing
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We need your help to support our research

We are extremely grateful to those who support us to help understand retinal detachment better. 

Donations enable us to offer patients better sight and a much improved quality of life.

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Martin Snead 
Director of Vitreoretinal Research

Donations to our vitreoretinal group can help us to make huge scientific advances in the early diagnosis of Stickler syndrome and the treatment of retinal detachment.

Our UK national service based within our Unit in Cambridge may be at the vanguard of world research in these fields, however we are competing with other better known research areas for research funds – it is a challenge!

Our Vitreoretinal Service carries out approximately 800 – 1,000 vitreoretinal operations per annum and sees approximately 8,000 - 10,000 outpatients per year for definitive phenotyping, molecular genetic analysis and clinical management.
Find out more about the Vitreoretinal service based at Addenbrooke's Hospital
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